CANCOM Internet Security as a Service

Internet Security as flexible service without fixed costs

The threat from hackers and other cybercriminals is constantly growing. So protect your company effectively and at flexible costs with CANCOM Internet Security as a Service: Because all of your organization’s Internet data traffic is checked in advance for dangerous content and blocked directly if necessary. CANCOM Internet Security aaS offers you outstanding security functionalities: DNS Layer Security, Secure Web Gateway Cloud-delivered Firewall, SSL Decryption, and Cloud Access Security Broker. For comprehensive Internet Security, you should also choose the optional CANCOM Security Operation Center (SOC).

CANCOM Internet Security aaS

Benefit from financial flexibility and scalability

The cloud-based Internet security environment is operated entirely by CANCOM and offers unlimited scalability. Another advantage of the XaaS model compared to in-house operation is the outstanding reliability of the multi-secured cloud data center. XaaS is also unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness, with OPEX instead of CAPEX: you only pay for services that are actually used – without the fixed costs that are unavoidable with your own IT infrastructure. In this way, CANCOM Internet Security as a Service not only increases Internet security in your organization, but also contributes to a sustainable flexibilization of your IT expenditures.

Comprehensive DNS Layer Security

The core security technology is DNS Layer Security with various filters:

  • Security Threat Filter: blocks dangerous domains based on defined criteria

  • Content Filter: blocks access to certain content, such as online gambling

  • Application Filter: locks certain desktop applications from the start

You can create your own filter lists for your company using Custom URL Filter. There are also SafeSearch functions for search engines and a file inspection function that scans the contents of files on risky domains before they are downloaded. Suspicious domains are identified by the Intelligent Proxy, which routes data traffic through the Secure Internet Gateway, checks it – and blocks it if necessary. (If you only need DNS Layer Security in your scenario, choose CANCOM Internet Security aaS – Lite!)

More safety thanks to Sandboxing, SSL Decryption and Co

Secure Web Gateway is a cloud-based proxy that scans all transferred files for malware or other harmful content in real time. A real highlight is sandboxing: Suspicious files are executed in a controlled environment, which enables safe scanning for malware.

Just as effective is SSL Decryption, which can even be used to scan encrypted data for dangerous domains and block them if necessary. This way, the transfer of files within applications or the posting of contributions on social media platforms, among other things, are monitored.

Cloud-delivered firewall that controls outbound Internet traffic and immediately stops unwanted traffic using IP, port and protocol rules. In contrast, the Cloud Access Security Broker scrutinizes the data traffic between the user and the cloud service – based on defined security policies. The bottom line is that CANCOM Internet Security aaS covers all relevant aspects of Internet security and offers you genuine all-round protection.

Your benefits at one glance

Advantages Internet Security as a Service
  • Very fail-safe thanks to redundant cloud data center

  • Immediate alarm for threats

  • Rapid onboarding and fast rollout through standardization

  • Unlimited scalability due to the cloud approach

  • Flexible IT costs: Capex becomes Opex!

              Optional: CANCOM SOC for the next security level

              With the CANCOM Security Operation Center, you benefit from 24×7 security monitoring with analysis – carried out by experienced, CANCOM-own security analysts. If a threat occurs, it is automatically classified on the basis of a coordinated set of rules. In the event of a threat, the defined contact person in your company is then alerted immediately. The SOC experts then formulate a concrete recommendation for action and actively support your company in the incident response. Reporting is also included in the scope of services.

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