CANCOM Infrastructure as a Service – Dynamic Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service “Made in Germany”

Do you want to obtain IT resources such as computing power, network and storage from the cloud? It should be scalable, high-performance, flexible and exactly as required – and provided in certified German data centers from CANCOM! That’s why you should choose CANCOM IaaS – Dynamic Cloud: Thanks to the latest cloud technology, entire system environments can be created automatically in just a few minutes. Of course with self-service and as user-friendly as you are used to from IaaS from the cloud today!

German contracts and German data centers

For the storage of your data and the providing of the booked IT resources, we use our own high-security data centers, which are exclusively located in Germany. This means you can rely on maximum information security and availability – as evidenced by the demanding ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 certifications. You are also on the safe side from a legal perspective with CANCOM IaaS – Dynamic Cloud, because the contracts are always concluded in accordance with German law.

Benefit from advantages of the Dynamic Cloud

“Pay per use: Pay for computing power and storage only for the resources you actually use. And when it comes to network costs, you benefit from a customer-friendly, monthly flat rate with no surprises. The bottom line is: With CANCOM IaaS – Dynamic Cloud, you always have full clarity about the actual costs!

Our data centers are all located in Germany and are interconnected via high-performance physical links. By designing the Availability Zones, you can design the availability of your self-created IT environment exactly according to your company’s needs: In this way, realize redundant protection via a second German data center, also certified according to ISO 27001, and play it safe!

Basically, you create your virtual machines (VMs) directly in CANCOM IaaS – Dynamic Cloud using image templates from CANCOM. Alternatively, you can upload your own images to Dynamic Cloud and use them there as private images to create VMs. By the way, we deliberately opted for OpenStack and thus for open source technology – this avoids the risk of vendor lock-in from the user’s point of view right from the start.

With the help of infrastructure patterns based on OpenStack, entire application landscapes can be automatically provisioned as integrated environments in CANCOM IaaS – Dynamic Cloud. Both the infrastructure and the VMs as well as the configurations of the environment are described in a template and created together, at the push of a button. The virtualized representation shortens rollout processes that previously took several days to just a few minutes: Perfectly suited for cloud-native applications, training, development and test systems or other applications with requirements for a highly automated, integrated and flexible platform.


Thanks to the “as-a-Service“ concept, your requirements are met.

There are many reasons for procuring IT infrastructure resources as an “as-a-service” concept, because this allows you to implement IT environments that are scalable, high-performance and flexible. The scope of the capacities is always based on your current needs. IaaS is particularly suitable for these business requirements:

  • Dynamic deployments with temporarily changing requirements that demand high flexibility and scalability

  • Who wants to choose computing power, storage, network, protection via second availability zone etc. themselves

  • To be sure that your data is located in a German high-security data center

This is what the use of IaaS can look like

An agile IT environment is already an important competitive factor today. CANCOM IaaS – Dynamic Cloud gives you the flexibility you need to respond quickly to new requirements. Scenarios for the use of IaaS include:

  • Operation of modern cloud-native applications

  • Big Data evaluations

  • Webshop: marketing campaign causes temporary increase in accesses

  • Training, development or test systems

  • Other areas

Mixed hybrid cloud scenarios with operation from CANCOM.

With CANCOM IaaS – Dynamic Cloud, various scenarios from different areas can be mapped. In the following, we have listed two exemplary alternatives. Of course, other scenarios are also possible to cover your very specific requirements. Please contact us!

Bsp. 1: Modern web applicationBsp. 2: Business application such as ERP
  • Dynamic Cloud as flexible infrastructure
  • Data base: CANCOM Managed Service and XaaS
  • Operation as CANCOM Managed Service and XaaS
  • Dynamic Cloud for dev- and test system
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