XAAS: Connectivity

XAAS: Security und Connectivity

CANCOM Corporate Network Services

Worldwide communication and collaboration, monitored around the clock

Management and marketing in Frankfurt, production in Italy, sales offices throughout Germany and Europe: only powerful data networks can turn isolated locations into a functioning company. The demands on the performance and flexibility of the network technology and on transmission quality and speed are correspondingly high.

Transfer the data network between your company locations to a modern and future-oriented high-performance platform. Without new investments in hardware and software and your own network infrastructure! Connected to our own core backbone and monitored and administered around the clock by CANCOM specialists.

VIP status for high-priority data and applications

Since every application places different demands on data transmission, CANCOM uses the MPLS process. Not only fast access to your data, but also the increasing use of IP telephony (Voice over IP) and other network-based value-added services place high demands on the line quality and bandwidth of your corporate network.

In contrast to conventional VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions, MPLS provides your data with labels that define both a path and a kind of priority rule (Class of Service). Due to the fast identification of the labels, speed and throughput of your data are extremely high. Business-critical applications are not affected by transmission bottlenecks and your connection bandwidths are used in the best possible way. You can confidently dispense with costly safety reserves for possible bottlenecks.