Privacy & terms of use

With the registration and processing of my personal data I agree. The data provided by me will be used for

  • Customer service and questioning
  • Information and
  • Offers (also individualised, e.g. customer satisfaction surveys, individualised offers, newsletters), including partner information from CANCOM and associated company groups
  • Market research / analysis purposes


processed and used via electronic communication services (e-mail, SMS/MMS, messenger services, telephone) by companies of CANCOM and its event partners and other partner companies of CANCOM and its event partners (including my usage and consumer behaviour, e.g. by using cookies, programme data and order data)

I will find detailed information on the content and scope of the processing of my data, as well as on the content of communication and offers, in the privacy protection information. I can adapt my data and/or revoke and/or restrict my consent in whole or in part at any time via


The following applies to registration and visits to our events:

We assume that you will obtain any necessary internal approvals from your superior before our events. Please also note that during the event image, sound and video recordings will be made for public relations purposes.