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How to make hybrid work a success in your company

Employees communicate with each other, with their customers or external partners in a variety of ways. Today, they participate in meetings from their home office, on the road or in a conference room. In addition, contact centers play an important role in ensuring efficient and customer-focused communications through a variety of channels including phone, chat, email and social media.

This shows how communication and collaboration in organizations has evolved. It also means that audio, video conferencing, instant messaging and collaboration tools, as well as the necessary media technology and equipment, need to adapt to the new way of working. We can help you with these issues, so that your employees can communicate and collaborate in the best possible way from any location.


Why communication and media technologies matter

  • Efficient and fast communication through appropriate and coordinated tools

  • Global networking and working at any time with virtual meetings and collaboration tools

  • Optimal and easy working with the help of modern media technology and equipment

  • Improved customer contact through the use of various communication channels such as audio, image, video and text, as well as the integration of AI-based solutions such as chatbots.

Our mission: to make hybrid work as successful as possible for you

CANCOM supports you in all aspects of UCC & Media. With our holistic approach, we offer not only communication & collaboration tools, but also the right media technology solution all from a single source. Together with you, we develop an individual strategy for your hybrid work approach, plan the introduction of the tools and realize your UCC and media projects. In addition, we offer services in a comprehensive as-a-Service package, including UCaaS and Meeting-Room-aaS.

UCC and Media at a glance

Communication and collaboration cover many areas in companies. For both to function smoothly, all components must be linked together. CANCOM supports you in everything from telephony and contact centers, meetings and events, to media and event technology. We also offer you the corresponding services from consulting to implementation to XaaS.

Communication, Collaboration & Contact Center

  • Telephony & Mobile Integration

  • PSTN connectivity & carrier solutions

  • Fax & Recording

  • Executive & attendant workstations

  • Chat, team & bot solutions

  • Omnichannel communication technologies & skills-based routing, IVR, TTS

  • Analytics & AI

Media Technology & Spaces

  • Meeting & Conference Rooms

  • Audio & Microphones

  • Connectivity & Interfaces

  • Image display & Displays

  • Video systems

  • Conference room furniture

  • Calendar integration & resource management: rooms, door signs, catering, parking, equipment, etc.

Digital Signage

  • Point of sale & virtual shelf

  • Digital Advisor & Menu Boards

  • Electronic Price Label (ESL)

  • Feedback Terminals

  • Point of sale Systems

  • Visualizations: LED/Video Walls, In-Store TV, Transparent Displays/Projectors, Mirror Displays

Meetings, Webinars & Events

  • Virtual tradeshows and events

  • Registration Process

  • Branding, sponsorship & lead generation

  • Gamification streaming

Choose what you need – a single solution or the complete package

Get better prepared for hybrid working in your organization. Our services can help you get there: Our services can help you integrate different systems, deploy applications and platforms, and equip your meeting rooms.


UCC Applications

  • Fax, voicemail & resource management

  • Attendant, Notification & Chatbot

  • Call & Contact Center, IVR & SMS

  • Recording, transcription & translation

  • Events & Webinars

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Secure UCC Connectivity

  • Authentication, QoS, Encryption & DLP

  • IP-DECT-/ WLAN-/ 5G-Telefonie & Mobility

  • Gateways, SBCs, Proxies & VPN

  • Network & Carrier Services (WAN, PSTN)


Shared UCC Devices

  • Visualization: Projectors, Displays, LED Wall

  • Smart & Collaboration Boards

  • Room & video conferencing systems


UCC Integration & Interoperability

  • CRM, ERP and industry-specific solutions

  • AI, Bots, Programmability & APIs

  • Data & Business Process Integration

  • Calendar Integration


UCC Platforms

  • Voice & Video, Chat, Presence

  • Enterprise Messaging & Team Spaces

  • File Exchange & Co-Editing


UCC Media

  • Room booking & control

  • Sound & microphone technology

  • Wireless presentation & signage

  • Media control & AV streaming


Personal UCC Devices

  • Hard, soft phones & headsets

  • Cameras & Video Devices

  • Mobile Devices: Tablets, Smartphones

  • Thin client & VDI devices

CANCOM Services: Get UCC services – from consulting to UCaaS model

Benefit from a range of services that can be customized to suit your communication and collaboration tools. In addition to the classic services of consulting and implementation, we also offer support services, managed services and XaaS. 

Our services consist of three packages:

In (1) Analysis & Assessment, we work with you to define requirements, perform analyses and develop a roadmap. This may include design and architecture workshops or a space assessment. In (2) Planning & Strategy, we work with you to plan the implementation of your UCC & Media projects. This may include proof of concepts, build intent workshops, or equipment and installation planning. Phase (3) Implementation & Transformation usually involves the realization of projects. We can take over project management or assist you with the implementation and the subsequent adoption workshops with your employees to ensure an optimal user experience with the introduced tools or services.

Our Support Services offer a comprehensive package of SLA-based, reactive support for leading vendors. You can tailor the services to meet your needs, for example by adding service request or vendor service management, standardized change support and lifecycle services, and on-site services. 

With CANCOM Managed Services we offer flexible and scalable support solutions. CANCOM takes over the operation of your collaboration solutions. You benefit from a service that is tailored to your needs and infrastructure, supporting and relieving your IT team.

With our XaaS solutions, you get standardized services in a worry-free package. This means you can build your own collaboration solution from pre-built modules that we manage, operate and keep up to date with the latest technology. You benefit from scalability and an OPEX-based financing model with monthly billing that is flexible to meet your changing business and resource requirements. Our as a service offerings include Meeting Room as a Service and UC as a Service.

Why you should choose CANCOM

We meet you at eye level! As a medium-sized company, we know what’s important – whether it’s advice, project support or choosing the right manufacturer. CANCOM has been a specialist in UCC and digital media solutions for over 20 years. Customers benefit from our many years of extensive expertise and a comprehensive and innovative portfolio.

Years of experience: We have many years of experience supporting businesses in all sectors – from retailers with digital signage, to hospitals with tumor boards, to schools with digital notice boards. As a carrier, we are even qualified to allocate telephone numbers. At all times, we consider the privacy and/or KRITIS compliance of the solutions. Certified expertise: Benefit from our certified specialists in the field of UCC and media technology – so you can focus on your core competencies.

Standardized services and packages: Choose the right solutions from a flexible portfolio of services that can grow and scale with your needs.

Proven expertise: Benefit from our certified UCC and media technology specialists-so you can focus on your core competencies.

Strong partnerships with market leaders: We work with the leading manufacturers of communication, collaboration and media technology to offer you the best solutions.

Comprehensive approach: With us, you get communication & collaboration combined with the right media technology from a single source. We not only equip your premises with the right technology, we also integrate it into your existing infrastructure and application environment. Our adoption teams support you during the implementation and commissioning phases to ensure an optimal user experience.

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