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Rely on a high-performing and secure network.

Organizations have never been more challenged than today when it comes to cybersecurity: Cybercriminals are constantly developing new threats, and the requirements for IT infrastructure have undergone massive changes in recent years. The focus on central company locations has significantly diminished, with remote access and migration to the cloud taking center stage for businesses. Moreover, network traffic is exponentially increasing. Simultaneously, it is essential to ensure fast and secure data flow, enabling employees to access data seamlessly from anywhere.

That is why high-performance networks are so important!

  • Employees can access information quickly and securely from anywhere.

  • The data exchange between locations runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Successful attacks diminish customer trust.

  • Business-critical applications like ERP systems run smoothly.

  • Companies can manage network traffic effectively and have real-time visibility. 

  • Networks can be individually scaled, even with increasing traffic.


Our mission: Ensuring the best possible availability for you – scalable, high-performing, and secure.

CANCOM supports you in all matters related to your network. With our Network Operation Center (NOC) and 20 years of experience in connectivity, we have the appropriate experts to assist you with any issue: we develop your network strategy with you or adapt it, plan the implementation together, and accompany you on your journey to cloud connectivity. We handle the cabling of your buildings and data centers, and if needed, we even provide Data Center Containers. We also carry out rollouts for switches, routers, WLAN, and more. Moreover, we offer comprehensive as-a-Service packages for all your needs.


How to achieve a high-performing network

We comprehensively support you in setting up and expanding your network and in connecting locations or systems. Our expertise includes Next Generation Network Access Control (NAC) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Cloud Connectivity, Campus & Access, IoT Gateways, and much more. You can choose what you need: individual services or an as-a-Service package – we provide you with the appropriate solution.

CANCOM Connectivity Architektur

This way, you have your network perfectly in view:
Visibility and automation of your environment ensure long-term sustainability. CANCOM supports you in customizing your environment to meet your needs. This allows you to respond faster when necessary and keep your network under constant surveillance.

Those are our offerings:

  • (Performance) Monitoring & Analytics  

  • Automation & Management with AI/ML  

  • Programmability & APIs 

This is how you protect your network:
To protect your resources, both network access and data traffic need to be secured. CANCOM assists you in planning and implementing the optimal network security for your needs. Additionally, we provide comprehensive security services for you.

Those are our offerings:

  • Segmentation (VLAN, Mikro, Makro)

  • Encryption

  • Authentication & Authorization

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

  • Next Generation Network Access Control (NAC)

How to manage your hybrid network:

Hybrid cloud scenarios and distributed locations require high-performance, cross-site networking. As an Internet Service Provider and System House, CANCOM provides both connectivity services and intelligent SD-WAN solutions in a single package.

Those are our offerings:

  • SD-WAN

  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

  • Cloud Connectivity

  • Carrier Services – Ethernet, xDSL, 5G/LTE, 0G, LoRa, M2M

This way, you keep your infrastructure up-to-date:
Both campus and data center networks must be reliable and high-performing. Modern software-defined solutions offer unified management of all active network components. CANCOM provides comprehensive support in planning and implementing your modern infrastructure.

Those are our offerings:

  • Campus and Access (SD-LAN/WLAN)

  • Data Center Networks (SD-DC)

Here’s how universal networking is achieved:
Today, both production landscapes and locations must be interconnected. CANCOM supports you with suitable routers and gateways, as well as their integration into your networks – especially in industrial environments or operational technology (OT) networks.

Those are our offerings:

  • Integrated Access Devices

  • Industrial Network – Router & Switches

  • Industrial Devices

  • IoT-Gateways (MQTT, AMQP)

Here’s how networking succeeds according to your requirements:
Interconnected buildings and production landscapes place additional demands on the network infrastructure. We are pleased to assist you in implementing your use cases.

Those are our solutions:

  • IoT Data Sources and Actors

  • Video

  • Robotic Devices

  • Sensors & Beacons

  • Clients

  • Mobile Devices

Here’s how physical networking succeeds:
A modern and physical infrastructure is the foundation of a functioning network at your locations. CANCOM provides advice and assistance in both the design and implementation of your in-house and data center cabling.

Those are our offerings:

  • Cabling

  • Power

  • UPS

  • Climate

  • Edge Data Centers – RZ Containers, IT Shelter, Rack Safe

Cancom Services

Get Network & Connectivity as a Service – from support to as-a-Service. 

Benefit from various services that you can tailor individually to the connectivity needs in your company. Our service offering includes not only professional services like consulting & implementation but also support services, managed services, and XaaS (Anything as a Service).

Consulting & Implementation

Our services encompass three packages that we offer for various areas: Software Defined Network, WLAN, Network aaS, Software Defined WAN, Network Access Control, Network Access, and Physical Infrastructure.

Under (1) Analysis & Evaluation, we provide introductory workshops on different topics or conduct assessments such as WAN Assessment, Design Workshop NAC, etc.

Under (2) Planning & Strategy, we showcase potential implementation scenarios through use cases or simulate Proof of Concepts. Additionally, we offer strategy workshops like SD-WAN PoC Packs, PKI server build or customization, etc.

The phase (3) Implementation & Transformation typically includes project management, implementation, and rollout. In this context, we also discuss transition and opportunities for automation and innovations.

Support Services

With our Support Services, we provide a comprehensive package that includes reactive support (Incident Support) as the foundation for leading manufacturers. You can customize the services according to your needs, incorporating features such as Service Request or Vendor Service Management, standardized Change Support, and Lifecycle Services such as regular health checks, assessments, and other on-site services.

Managed Security Services

With CANCOM Managed Services, we offer you flexible and scalable operational performance for your infrastructure. CANCOM takes care of operating LAN & WLAN, NAC, or SD-WAN for you. You benefit from a tailored yet standardized service that is customized to meet your requirements, thus relieving your IT team.   


Thanks to our XaaS (Anything as a Service) solutions, you receive various standardized connectivity services in an all-inclusive package. You don’t have to worry about anything and will always be up to date with the latest technology. With scalability and an OPEX model with monthly billing, you can save costs at the same time. Our as-a-Service offerings include CANCOM Network aaS, CANCOM Cloud Connect, CANCOM SD-WAN aaS, and CANCOM Corporate WAN.

Why you should choose CANCOM

As a Hybrid IT Service Provider, we serve both as a traditional network partner and a service provider. This means we supply the hardware, support you in planning, take care of implementation, and provide on-site services. With our broad portfolio of services and leading manufacturer technologies, we offer solutions and services tailored to your specific needs. 

Years of experience: For over 20 years, we have been supporting companies from all industries with matters related to connectivity.

Proven connectivity expertise:

Benefit from our qualified consulting team and our Network Operation Center, which supports you throughout the entire lifecycle.

Comprehensive approach: Benefit from the seamless integration of all network components along the comprehensive connectivity architecture – from physical cabling and rack/container data center solutions to campus solutions for LAN and WLAN, all the way to interconnected WAN infrastructure.

Standardized service bundles: We offer you standardized service, managed service packages, and XaaS (Anything as a Service). 

Standardized performance and service packages:

We collaborate with leading connectivity manufacturers, allowing us to offer you the best connectivity solutions. 

Connectivity for your sector: Regardless of your company’s industry, we provide you with the appropriate connectivity solutions, ensuring security and high performance.

We offer you over 20 years of experience and a comprehensive connectivity architecture.


Network Specialists




Standardized Managed and aaS alternatives


Standardized service bundles

  • NOC with Connectivity specialists

  • All from a single source

  • Clear, strategic focus partners


techconsult Professional User Rating 2023

CANCOM is Champion in the Managed IT Network and Infrastructure Services Category

CANCOM has been awarded Champion in the Managed IT Network and Infrastructure Services category in the “Professional User Ratings Managed Services” conducted by analyst firm techconsult. The award recognizes the outstanding business and service performance of CANCOM as rated by a total of over 450 service experts of user companies. This places CANCOM among the top 3 managed service providers with the most satisfied customers.

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