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Collaborate more efficiently.
With the right media technology

Video conferences are one of the most important communication tools in the modern hybrid work environment. Functional and well-coordinated media and conference technology are therefore essential for smooth cross-location collaboration.

The right combination of suitable media systems, coupled with a well-thought-out user interface, makes all the difference. This allows you to focus your full attention on your meetings instead of dealing with the technology. The result: more successful meetings and happier employees.

Solutions: The right equipment for your meeting room

The purpose of the conference room, the number of people it accommodates, the desired capabilities of the technology, and your specific expectations for audio and visual quality are all key factors in choosing the right conference room technology. Equally important is clarifying technical interfaces with external systems, ranging from your devices to building and network infrastructure. Let our experienced team of specialists and service technicians advise you on the various components of the solution. We would be happy to create a tailored concept for you.

Image reproduction

Optimal Image reproduction

Image reproduction

Whether it's a display, whiteboard, projection, or LED wall: we ensure that your image leaves the right impression in terms of technology, size, and quality.

Audio technology

Perfect audio quality

Audio technology

Sound and speech intelligibility are important quality criteria, especially in video conferencing systems. With suitable microphones, speakers, and the corresponding signal and amplification technology, we ensure the necessary audio quality.

Video conferencing technology

Modern collaboration

Video conferencing technology

From small huddle rooms to large boardrooms, we provide you with modern collaboration solutions that enable your teams to work together seamlessly, whether they are in the office or working from home.

Media furniture

Functional room concept

Media furniture

As the centerpiece of every conference room, media furniture not only provides a high-quality appearance and seamless integration of media technology but also encourages more interaction and participation in meetings. From display stands to conference tables, single or dual display systems, fixed or mobile setups, we offer custom-designed room furnishing solutions for every use case.

Ressource management & Digital Signage

Simple administration

Ressource management & Digital Signage

We also offer solutions for managing room bookings, shared desk workspaces, and parking spaces, as well as mobile systems and digital signage solutions. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the online and offline worlds.


Semaless integration


While modern media technology design is important, reliable everyday functionality is even more crucial. This includes suitable signal and media control. To ensure seamless integration, we work closely with our colleagues in network technology, security, unified communication, workplace design, and software licensing.

Applications of media technology

Whether it’s retail or manufacturing, schools or offices, there are countless use cases and examples of how you can use media technology effectively. Get an overview and significantly enhance the customer and employee experience with our support.

Whether in the entrance area of the corporate headquarters, the exhibition hall, or the foyer of an innovation center – the first impression matters. Impress your visitors from the very beginning with a professional presentation. The right image reproduction combined with the appropriate software makes it possible.

Heißen Sie Gäste mit einer individualisierten Video-Begrüßung im Empfangsbereich willkommen.

Present important information about the company or an overview of upcoming meetings and rooms, for example, via a large-format information screen.

Reduce waiting times before meetings by integrating a message or social media wall.

Provide orientation on your company premises with an interactive wayfinding system.

We help you find the appropriate technical solution for every use case.

Meeting rooms in any form serve the purpose of creating space for interaction and communication. In today’s hybrid work environment, there are hardly any meetings without participants who join via video conferencing systems. In practice, however, it is often unclear how to turn on the AV equipment, connect one’s own laptop, share presentations, let alone operate the video conferencing system. It doesn’t have to be this way! A solution lies in a cohesive overall concept that ensures consistent functionality, quality, and ease of use across all room categories.

Huddle Room
Huddle Rooms are designed for spontaneous meetings, to quickly discuss something, but also, for example, to collaboratively develop new ideas in a small group. Accordingly, the technology should be flexible as well. With the right AV equipment and interfaces, you can quickly connect your own laptop, tablet, or mobile device, start video conferences, and share presentations with your counterpart.

Board Room
Typically, this is where the management meets to make important business decisions. The meetings held here are usually well-planned in advance, often lasting for several hours and accompanied by various presentations. Therefore, high-quality and functional presentation and video conferencing technology are just as important as room acoustics, lighting and color design, as well as table shape and the selection of media furniture.

Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) meeting room solutions are becoming increasingly popular, especially for hybrid meetings, as the meeting organizer can connect their own device to the room’s technology and control it. To ensure good audio and video quality, the technical requirements, such as device compatibility, must be carefully examined. Only then does the concept work as seamlessly as it sounds.

We align the space, media technology equipment, and the users’ working methods to create functional room concepts that promote collaboration rather than hinder it.

Outside of meeting rooms, we often work on the go, in individual offices, in open-plan offices at shared desk workstations, or even from home offices. For each of these workspaces, there are meaningful communication and business solutions that enable employees to work flexibly and are easy to use.

Mobile Office
Video conferencing solutions like wireless headsets, mobile microphone-speaker sets, or all-in-one video bars placed above the office screen ensure natural-sounding, clear voices in every meeting, free from background noise, and deliver sharp camera images.

Shared Desk
Resource management systems assist you in searching for and booking available resources such as parking spaces, meeting rooms, workstations, and mobile office equipment like the Microsoft Surface Hub, an interactive whiteboard for remote work. The status of these bookings is displayed on screens on the floors and at workstations or rooms. Through the use of sensors, booked but unused rooms and workstations can be released again after a defined period, ensuring that you always monitor and guarantee the optimal utilization of your resources.

Create added value for your employees through the use of the right tools. We can demonstrate how you can easily integrate all these components and manage them effortlessly through the cloud.

In contrast to meeting rooms, seminar and training rooms primarily focus on a speaker and multiple attendees. To effectively convey content in these settings, room acoustics and speech intelligibility are of paramount importance. Additionally, the technology should meet the requirements of hybrid learning concepts, allowing remote participants to join and participate effectively.

Workshops & trainings
All seminar participants should be able to see and understand content from every seat in the room. A high-quality sound system tailored to the room, including good microphones, combined with high-quality visual output through projection or a video wall, ensures effective knowledge transfer. Additionally, providing a user-friendly and easy-to-operate system for presenters is crucial.

Hybrid meeting rooms
To broadcast a seminar to external participants via streaming or video conferencing and to record it, additional video conferencing components are required nowadays. This entails additional requirements for the microphone and camera technology used, room lighting, room acoustics, and especially the user interface. It’s also important to harmonize the interfaces with the user, such as connecting various laptops, wireless presentation, and interactive whiteboards with the overall system.

We will show you what matters and support you in the consultation and design of your training rooms – for seamless and engaging seminars and workshops.

How can you communicate current live data, measurements, and key performance indicators from your production or automated content from your applications to your employees? And do so in the simplest or visually appealing manner? With a suitable Digital Signage application. Digital Signage creates an interface to operational applications and data, allowing you to keep relevant metrics in view on digital dashboards at all times.

As an experienced and multiple-award-winning system integrator, we offer you end-to-end Digital Signage solutions – from planning and implementation to operation.

Requirements. Multimedia conference room technology must achieve the following.

Media technology must seamlessly integrate with each other. Hybrid work only succeeds when the technology cooperates. It must function seamlessly for all users in their professional routines. Video conferencing systems, desktop apps, the quality of display systems, camera technology, as well as room acoustics and speech intelligibility, both in the office and at home, all need to be synchronized. With intelligent user interfaces and the appropriate (room) equipment, we bring all of this together.

Media technology must be aligned with your workflow. Only when media technology is functional and intuitively operable does it provide real added value in everyday life. The goal is to simplify collaboration for all users, rather than complicating it with unnecessary features. Our focus is on media technology, but you also benefit from the expertise of our experts in related technology areas such as network technology, communication & collaboration, security, or software licensing. This enables seamless integration into your existing workplace IT.

Media technology must revolve around the user.
Starting from consultation, through planning, to implementation – the primary focus is always on you, the user. Through testing phases, equipment loans from manufacturers, and visits to showrooms, you gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of the planning process. To ensure that the technology functions exactly as you desire at the end of the day, if necessary, we work with you to create a Proof of Concept (PoC). This way, together with you, we achieve the best possible result tailored to your needs.

Services: How to get your media technology up and running

For the implementation of media technology, rely on our in-house planning office. Initially, we work with you in a personal dialogue to create a concept that aligns with your requirements. During this process, we carefully consider functions, quality, and your budget, while also examining the relevant project interfaces. Even during ongoing operations, you won’t be left alone. Our experts are with you from start to finish – and beyond.

Analysis & conceptualization
Individuelle Medientechnik für Ihren Workflow & Anwendungsfall
  • Herstellerunabhängige Beratung und Planung

  • Budgetierung gegenüber fachlichen Anforderungen und persönlichen Ansprüche

  • Erstellung von Grobkonzepten & Proof of Concepts zur Entscheidungsfindung

  • Raumaufmaß und Abstimmung von baulichen Schnittstellen

  • Planung modularer / hot-swap-fähiger Technik

  • Netzwerkintegration und Security

  • Software-Lizenzierung

  • Bedien- und Redundanzkonzepte

Delivery & installation
Komplettes Medientechnik Setup durch unsere Fachexperten
  • Lieferung & Logistik

  • Veredelung, Gerätetests und Fimware-Updates vor Versand und Installation

  • Installation und Inbetriebnahme von Medientechnik

  • Setup und Programmierung von Medientechnik

  • Justierung von Beschallungsanlagen an den Raum

  • Projektleitung

  • Ausführungsplanung

  • Dokumentation & Nutzereinweisungen

Service & maintenance
Ganzheitlicher Support, damit Ihre Medientechnik reibungslos funktioniert
  • Reaktive Betriebsunterstützung durch den CANCOM Premium Support bis hin zum vollständigen Betrieb Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur

  • Systemüberwachung über selbst-gehostete Monitoring- und Supportlösung

  • Mögliche Optionen: Kundenspezifische Kontingente, Service Manager, proaktive Warnmeldung im Störungsfall

  • On-demand-Einsätze vor Ort im Falle einer Gewährleistung , eines Garantiefalls oder Wartungen

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