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Anchoring IT and digitalisation in the sustainability strategy is becoming increasingly important! On the one hand, it is about reducing the energy consumption and costs of IT. On the other hand, digitalisation helps to significantly reduce the CO2e footprint in companies.

Starting with IT procurement, through IT operations, to the implementation of efficient digitalisation solutions: Learn here how to build a more sustainable IT landscape.


That is why IT and digitalisation should be part of every sustainability strategy

  • Save costs through IT optimisation: Your company can achieve significant savings through energy-saving use of IT equipment and intelligent process automation through IT.

  • Comply with laws and regulations: Modern IT solutions help to implement applicable compliance, data protection and security requirements more easily and to meet future sustainability reporting obligations within the framework of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) or even the EU Supply Chain Act.

  • Ensure more sustainable supply chains: Monitor and reduce environmental and social risks in your supply chain by using IoT and analytics solutions to create a more sustainable supply chain.

  • Responsible action as a trademark: With an IT strategy that takes sustainability aspects into account, you assume social and economic responsibility towards customers, employees and partners.

The three dimensions of sustainable IT

Sustainable IT procurement

The production of hardware requires enormous amounts of energy and raw materials such as silicon, copper, gold and rare earths. By choosing the right IT hardware with sustainable product design, you conserve valuable resources, reduce your carbon footprint and save costs. Therefore, when it comes to hardware, look for high energy efficiency (ENERGY STAR, EPEAT or TCO), durable components and sustainable materials. Furthermore, it is important that the devices are repairable, easy to update, multifunctional and recyclable at the end of their life. Last but not least, consideration of working conditions in manufacturing and in the supply chain is another key aspect of sustainable IT procurement.

Sustainable IT operation

The operation of digital devices and infrastructures also causes CO2e emissions. The goal is to reduce the energy consumption of information and communication technologies. In addition to using and switching to energy-saving devices and paperless work processes, this can also be achieved through continuous monitoring and automation of device use. The greatest IT energy consumption is in the data centre, but there is also potential for savings in the areas of workplace, communication, network and security. The right cloud mix ensures further efficiencies in IT operations.

Sustainability optimisation through digitalisation

However, the potential savings of digital technologies extend beyond their emissions footprint. Through the use of IT, new business models can be developed that focus on sustainable principles, reduce resource consumption and increase the efficiency of operations. Thus, according to bitkom, around one third of the CO2 savings targets can be achieved by 2030 through digitalisation.

We support you in all three areas!

More sustainable IT and processes in all industries. We support customers from all sectors to reduce their CO2e emissions and energy costs and to make their operating processes more efficient. Here you will find selected use cases of how digital technologies contribute to this.

Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – less energy consumption, less waste, greater output – through data analytics and logistics tracking solutions:

  • Extending the service life of the plant through predictive maintenance

  • Monitoring energy consumption in production

  • Digital twin for the reduction of prototypes and as a basis for process optimisations

  • Stock reduction & logistics optimisation

  • Monitoring von Schadstoff-Emissionen

  • Supply-Chain-Tracking

Process optimisation along the entire customer journey through modern asset tracking solutions:

  • Supply chain monitoring

  • Cold chain monitoring

  • Use of RFID solutions for automated goods registration

  • Logistics tracking

  • E-commerce

  • Remote consulting

  • The result: process optimisation along the entire customer journey

More sustainable urban planning and optimised regional and city management through digital twins for municipalities:

  • Environmental data monitoring & measurement

  • Land use monitoring

  • Optimised waste management

Energy-efficient hospital operations using smart IoT sensors, asset tracking and AI solutions:

  • Optimised utilisation of medical equipment

  • Cold chain monitoring of medicines, food, organs etc.

  • Optimised treatment and bed management

  • Reduced water consumption

  • Better waste management and optimised circular economy

CANCOM solutions: For a sustainable digital transformation

Sustainability runs through all components of corporate IT. As a hybrid IT service provider, we support you holistically in the area of green IT, from data centre to workplace, as well as with smart technologies to optimise your sustainability. Here you can get an overview of our services.


Increase energy efficiency in the data cener

  • Increasing data centre utilisation through virtualisation and containers
  • Reduce the energy consumption of the data centre infrastructure such as servers, storage, backup and co.
  • Public-private cloud mix optimised for sustainability
  • Energy-efficient and climate-friendly cooling through the use of IoT environmental sensors and automation
  • Energy management (measurement and control) through data centre assessment

Clients & Devices

Extending the life cycle of IT equipment

  • Sustainability comparisons of manufacturers and appliances
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Recycling and remarketing of devices
  • Provision of ECO profiles and certificates
  • Take-back & recycling of packaging & equipment
  • Sustainable operating systems
  • Provision of sustainability data


Making the workplace more sustainable

  • Reduction of travel and commuting through virtual digital workplaces
  • Optimal building utilisation through desk sharing
  • Paperless office through digital processes such as digital signatures
  • Energy and resource management systems


Enable location-independent collaboration

  • Reduce the energy consumption of the UCC infrastructure such as telephones, headsets or video conferencing systems through intelligent control
  • Minimising travel (CO2, energy saving)
  • Remote collaboration solutions such as data glasses
  • Efficient meeting room design


Optimise network utilisation

  • Determining the replacement potential of network components through energy-efficient infrastructure
  • Energy-efficient operation of the network components, e.g. through automated switching off of the WLAN
  • Increase network utilisation through intelligent control, SDWAN, VPN & Co.
  • Environmentally sound disposal of obsolete network technology

IoT & Data Solutions

Sustainability through digitalisation

  • Energy & CO2 Monitoring & Management through Data Analytics Solutions
  • Digital forms for office and production
  • Logistics tracking and monitoring through Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and other real-time tracking solutions
  • Waste and water monitoring through intelligent sensors
  • Optimisation of operational areas and processes through digital twins
  • Reporting and compliance tools

CANCOM Services: How to anchor sustainability in your IT strategy

To achieve the greatest possible effects, you should approach the topic of sustainability holistically. In the first step, this includes a sustainability assessment and a strategy derived from it before the concrete implementation begins. Our services cover all phases of IT use – and thus the entire IT lifecycle. This means that you can access our expertise exactly where you need support: for workshops to determine the status quo, consulting and strategy or solution integration. We start where you need to take action.

Sustainability analysis & assessment
  • Collecting sustainability data

  • Identify existing resources, data sources, current practices and processes

  • Recommendations on energy saving measures & more sustainable IT architecture

Strategy & planning
  • Definition and review of sustainability goals & principles

  • Development of the sustainability architecture

  • Definition of solutions and processes

Implementation & realisation
  • Agile capture, implementation and integration into business processes

  • Monitor and measure progress and adjust actions

  • Support & Managed services

Sustainabilty at CANCOM

For us, sustainability is a matter close to our hearts and has a high priority as part of our corporate culture. CANCOM is convinced that contemporary entrepreneurial action must be sustainable. Ecological, social and corporate issues are closely linked. Our sustainability initiatives are correspondingly diverse – be it the use of green energy, sustainable logistics, the use of green office products or the support of a wide variety of social projects.


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