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Process data decentrally in real time

With increasing digitalization, the comprehensive networking of devices (IoT) has risen sharply in recent years. Consequently, more and more sensors, devices or machines are connected with each other. All these devices produce large amounts of data every day, which companies must use for their business success in order to remain competitive in the future. To do this effectively, the data must be securely connected, centrally managed and automatically analyzed. And this as quickly as possible.

Edge computing plays a key role in practical implementation: this means that data is processed and analyzed in real time at the edge of the network – in other words, exactly where it is generated. This decentralized data processing significantly reduces the volume of data that is actually forwarded to the core (private and public cloud) and thus minimizes response time.

Our experts at CANCOM support your company in successfully implementing the topics of IoT and edge computing in your operations. In doing so, we pursue a holistic approach that takes into account all facets of IoT and edge computing, from individual IoT devices to edge nodes to cloud environments.


Central components of CANCOM IoT & Edge Computing


CORE: In the core (private and public cloud), the data forwarded via the edge nodes and aggregated from various sources is stored, processed and made available centrally. This creates the highest possible level of agility, scalability and response speed.

EDGE: Edge nodes or edge gateways serve as nodes between the IoT devices and the core. There, the data generated by the IoT devices is analyzed intelligently in advance and in real time (edge analytics) and filtered – so that only the most relevant data migrates to the core, i.e., to the private or public cloud. This significantly reduces the volume of data at the edge. Furthermore, analyses and local applications such as a machine dashboard can be operated at the edge.

DATA SOURCES: The number of possible data sources is increasing, primarily due to the growing number of networked devices (IoT). For example, IoT devices such as sensors, mobile devices, machines or even barcode scanners produce data continuously and sometimes in real time – which is often business-critical and therefore particularly worth protecting. For example, sensors measure environmental values such as speed, rotation, force, light, position, climate or acoustics. New sensors can be attached to existing machines, for example, so that it is not necessary to purchase new machines (retrofitting).

Our CANCOM IoT & Edge Computing services

You want to benefit from the advantages of decentralized data processing and implement it successfully? Our experienced IoT and edge computing experts support you in analysis, planning, design and operation with the following service components.


  • IoT & Edge Computing workshops

  • Actual & potential analysis

  • Development of application scenarios and success criteria (Minimum Viable Product)


  • Definition of architecture design & sizing

  • Integration planning for interfaces & existing systems

  • Selection of IoT, Edge & Analytics technology

  • Selection of vendor-independent sensor technology and hardware components


  • Infrastructure development

  • Proof of concept development

  • Integration of interfaces & systems

  • Commissioning of the solution

  • Documentation of the IoT & Edge Computing projects


  • On-premise, hybrid or cloud operation from the CANCOM Managed Service team

  • Cloud Managed Edge and scalable expansion and further development of the solution

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