CANCOM Collaboration

Increase your success with efficient communication and cooperation

Smooth communication is a decisive competitive factor for your business. But it means constantly adapting your communication processes to new ways of working. Collaboration Solutions not only greatly facilitate your communication and collaboration, but allow it to remain adaptable to new requirements.
Our CANCOM Collaboration Architecture offers you the opportunity of implementing your collaboration strategy holistically. Your communication channels and terminal devices are selected precisely for your requirements and attuned to each other. This allows you to avoid isolated applications and effortlessly improve your communication and information flows.


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Our Collaboration portfolio

In addition to the procurement of market-leading, cutting-edge solutions, we offer a comprehensive service portfolio for the analysis, planning, construction, and operation of collaboration architectures:



  • Communications needs analysis
  • Voice and video infrastructure readiness analysis


Architecture Planning

  • Conceptual design
  • Collaboration Architecture planning
  • Solution components selection
  • Proof of concept and pilot installations
  • Operational concepts for collaboration environments


Collaboration Architecture construction

  • Project management
  • Installation and configuration
  • Roll-out of client infrastructure
  • User Training


Collaboration Architecture operation

  • Collaboration environment support
  • Collaboration environment operation
  • Collaboration hosting services

Your added value from our Collaboration Architecture

  • Increased employee productivity through more efficient cooperation
  • Greater employee motivation through modern equipment and easy operability
  • Reduced costs through solutions that are attuned to each other
  • Optimization of communication management through infrastructure standardization
  • Rapid connection and integration of new employees and locations through a more flexible overall concept

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