Services: Support Services

Services: Support Services

CANCOM Premium Support Services

Tackle your IT challenges carefree!

Supporting increasingly complex IT landscapes from your own resources? This is a major challenge for many companies today. The list of reasons for this is long: Often there is a lack of trained experts as well as necessary technologies and services. The lack of skilled personnel and know-how is also very familiar to you? In that case, we can take the strain off your IT right down the line. With our support services, we help you meet exactly these challenges – in the long term, holistically and sustainably.

Your advantages of CANCOM Premium Support Services – More than just IT services

As a long-standing service partner, we understand the different challenges and requirements of companies and accompany you on your way with a comprehensive service portfolio that goes beyond the usual service areas. Thanks to our diverse service partners, the CANCOM Premium Support Center can offer unique multi-vendor premium services for a wide range of products. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business – we take care of the rest.

Get relieve with CANCOM Premium Support!

Direct access to experts

Say goodbye to unsatisfactory and untrained first-level support. At CANCOM, your IT staff receives direct access to the bundled know-how of our experts, who are well versed in the requested topic, based on a product support (manufacturer, model or software environment).

Response time of one hour

In the event of a system failure, speed is of the essence. That’s why we offer a guaranteed response time of one hour for hundreds of products and manufacturers in the gold package – so that your employees can get back to work quickly.

Manufacturer reinsurance

A reliable, central service partner is particularly important for more complicated malfunctions. That is why we are your direct contact in such cases as well. On request, we can seamlessly integrate the manufacturer for you via our vendor management and replace defective systems on site without any worries.

Transparent service portal

We provide you with transparent information via our service portal. Whether messages, status, contracts, the devices included by you as well as SLAs, reportings or included contingents provided by us – here you always keep an eye on everything.

Efficient assignment of product experts

Often, there is no time to lose in the commissioning process as well. This is why you have the option of efficiently commissioning CANCOM product experts for various and recurring activities across the entire portfolio via service request. For instance, maintenance work, inspections or consulting can be ordered quickly and easily.

Further training for your employees

We take our service one step further and not only support your IT with CANCOM Premium Support, but also train your employees in the long term with our know-how.

Your added value at a glance
Your advantages with CANCOM Premium Support Services
  • One contract
  • Two service times – 10×5, 24×7 – 10×5, 24×7
  • Three response times – one, two or four hours (for fault class 1, such as a total breakdown)
  • Possible combination of different service modules in the CANCOM portfolio (e.g. from the areas of enterprise workplace, hybrid IT data center, network, UCC, media technology, digital signage and security)
  • The modular CANCOM Premium Support Service models hereby offer you the possibility to select exactly those services that are relevant for your specific IT challenges. This way you are prepared for every requirement.

              Service options of the CANCOM Premium Support Service models

              Our CANCOM Premium Support Services are based on a classic, modular service contract. You can choose between two Premium Support variants and flexibly extend them with additional Professional options.



              • Real expert support
              • Dedicated to technical support
              • Collaborative troubleshooting
              • Individual support
              • Service level (service time, response time)

              Service management

              • Reactive service manager
              • Standard reporting

              Premium Plus


              • Real expert support
              • Dedicated to technical support
              • Collaborative troubleshooting
              • Individual support
              • Service level (service time, response time)

              Service management

              • Appointed service manager
              • Extended reporting
              • Asset management, CMDB
              • Contract management

              Plus services

              • Flexible service quotas
              • On-demand or periodically scheduled (e.g. health check, updates, release / patching, analyses, advisory)
              • Remote or on site



              • Software assurance
              • Hardware replacement
              • Vendor management

              + MONITORING

                BASIC (standard)

              • Reactive system analysis
              • Event notifications via web interface
              • Logging & reports

                ADVANCED (option)

              • Pre-qualification
              • Escalation management

                DASHBOARD (option)

              • Visualization
              • Individual measurement data
              • Extendable