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CANCOM IT Remarketing

The sustainable & data protection compliant solution for your retired IT

Digitalization, growing data volumes and complex software require continuous adaptation and further development of the IT infrastructure. At the same time, companies have a duty to use resources efficiently and carefully as well as to reduce the impact on the environment. For an environmentally friendly digital transformation, companies therefore need a sustainable solution for dealing with their IT that is no longer needed. This is where CANCOM IT remarketing comes in as part of Green IT: We take your IT equipment that is no longer needed in trade-in, refurbish it and remarket it on your behalf.

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Extending the use of IT effectively protects the environment

Giving IT products a second or even third life effectively protects the environment, since no further natural resources and emissions for the production of new hardware. As a fact a large part of the environmental impact and the use of raw materials takes place in the production phase.

If the hardware products are no longer suitable for return to a further life cycle, they are recycled accordingly and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Play it safe - highest data protection guaranteed

When it comes to the secondary use of It assets, correct and complete data deletion is security-critical and entails complex processes. A simple deletion order is not enough. Data protection violations are associated with severe fines and can cost companies up to four percent of their annual turnover.
Partnering with us there is no more need to worry. With a well thought-out deletion concept and state-of-the-art technology we ensure that your data is 100 percent irretrievably deleted.

Your added value at a glance
Advantages of IT Remarketing
  • You improve the environmental performance of your organisation.
  • You receive a share of the proceeds from remarketing and gain financial scope for new investments.
  • You have as good as no additional effort – we take care of the entire process.
                  CANCOM IT Remarketing

                  The second chance for your used IT – sustainable and data protection compliant. Get more information in our flyer.

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                  Our services for the sustainable completion of the IT lifecycle

                  Consulting & planning

                  Purchase and resale of used assets

                  Valuation and repurchase guarantees

                  Roll-back logistics

                  Certified data erasure & destruction


                  Environmentally sound disposal & recycling of hardware products that are no longer suitable for further use

                  Short-term rental of used assets

                  Documentation of saved resources

                  Manufacturing Analysis

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