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Laying the foundation for successful implementation together

Without a modern IT infrastructure, companies are at risk of competitive disadvantages. That is why we are happy to support you on the way there and share with you our experience from many projects already implemented. In addition to the procurement of market- and technology-leading solutions, we offer the complete consulting and service portfolio from analysis to implementation – whereby we differentiate between three important phases.

Your path to successful transformation

After the analysis phase, in which we lay the foundation for successful realization, we work with you in various steps to develop a strategy tailored to your individual needs and goals and an operational plan based on it, which is also tested for profitability and feasibility, among other things:

1. Transformation strategy
Scalability, agility, innovative strength, fail-safety, automation, cost-effectiveness, cyber security – the trends and challenges of digital transformation are shaping the requirements for a modern IT infrastructure. Against this background, we work with you to develop a sustainable transformation strategy on the basis of which you can help shape the digital transformation in your company instead of being at its mercy.

2. Cloud & Sourcing Strategy
Cloud strategies are an integral part of your company’s overall sourcing strategy. Here, we work with you to develop the target picture, find the benefits for business and IT, and come up with the sourcing strategy that is perfectly fitted to your company. Important steps in this process include checking your cloud readiness, deriving potential savings and creating the sourcing roadmap. The analysis always takes into account the most important criteria of data security, availability and costs.

3. Business case
In more and more companies, IT must make a value contribution to the company’s success. By creating a business case, we ensure that the economic efficiency of IT activities is presented and the impact of the new IT infrastructure on the company’s success becomes visible. The business case shows the economic benefits of your planned investment. In doing so, we consider different scenarios, since factors influencing profitability, such as costs and revenue, cannot be predicted with certainty for the future.

4. Awareness & Alignment
Throughout the process, we always make sure that all important departments and stakeholders are involved. Important decisions are always made in consultation with the relevant stakeholders. This is the only way to ensure that everyone supports the transformation of your IT infrastructure and makes it a success.

5. Design of the IT architecture
A company’s IT infrastructure should always be as lean, purposeful and robust as possible. Today’s fast-paced business environment and rapid technological developments also make it necessary that the architecture design is additionally designed for a high degree of adaptability – the basis for being able to meet future challenges and developments and not having to start from scratch the day after tomorrow. We support you with future-proof blueprint architectures with all the necessary solution and service modules that meet your individual needs. In this way, you create planning security and maximize project success.

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