Services: Managed Services

Services: Managed Services

CANCOM Datacenter

State-of-the-art datacenters for a highly available & fail-safe IT infrastructure

Choose the CANCOM high-availability data centers and benefit from implemented best-practice processes for information security, operations, and service management. Our datacenters are state-of-the-art inventory data centers and are located exclusively at German sites.


Certified highest quality standards for datacenter operations

We meet the highest quality standards in datacenter operations. This applies to compliance with information security as well as direct connection to high-speed networks, seamless round-the-clock monitoring of the data center, and flexible cloud resources for storage space and computing capacity – keyword: Infrastructure as a Service.

Holistic security concepts for IT operations without interruptions

Only holistic, preventive security solutions lead to optimal IT functional security and cover both logical and physical aspects. For example, as part of its information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001, CANCOM has all the necessary processes and facilities to effectively prevent failures or restrictions at server, system, and network levels.

Physical security
Special buildings for protection against natural hazards and unauthorized access

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CANCOM datacenters are special buildings that protect your IT systems and applications against disasters, so-called natural hazards, and against unauthorized access. Perimeter and interior monitoring, protection against fire and water damage, stable air conditioning, round-the-clock guard protection and technical monitoring, and an uninterruptible power supply provide a level of security that is not usually available to medium-sized companies operating their own IT.

Logical security
Operational security of computer and network components through Unified Threat Management

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In addition to building security, Unified Threat Management (UTM) ensures the IT operational security of computer and network components. The security measures within the framework of UTM are applied at several levels: At the basic IP or packet level, multiple firewall systems shield your IT from unauthorized network access from outside and inside. Protection software against viruses, spam and malware of all kinds ensures content security. Intrusion detection monitors sensitive areas of data traffic around the clock. If suspicious attack signatures appear in the data stream, the system either alerts an employee according to a defined protocol or immediately cuts off the affected feed. Finally, the latest encryption technologies within the datacenter and over the network connections ensure effective protection against unwanted access.

Access control
Protection against sabotage, burglary and theft through security guards and control systems

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In addition to damage caused by natural hazards, we protect our datacenters against deliberate sabotage, burglary and theft - and likewise against unintentional damage by unauthorized persons. In CANCOM datacenters, access to the building and to all sensitive areas is therefore restricted to authorized specialist personnel only. Authorized persons are identified and checked both by our security guards and by several separate control systems. Access to the operational departments of the data centers is only possible via separation cells with special radio card readers (RFID) and upstream motion sensors. Unauthorized entry is therefore virtually impossible; any attempt would be immediately detected and indicated.

High availability through virtualization of IT operations

To ensure failure-free and trouble-free continuous operation, all IT operations in CANCOM datacenters are virtualized, redundant, and distributed across multiple datacenter sites. The server racks do not provide their power in isolation, but form an abstract pool of all hardware capacities across both datacenter locations.

Application operation is also based on virtualization: Software applications are operated in virtual instances that can be flexibly supplied with all necessary resources such as virtual computing power and storage capacity via Capacity on Demand and Storage on Demand.

Capacity on Demand
Improved availability of IT services through automated resource management

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Capacity on Demand not only uses hardware power much more efficiently and in line with demand, but also improves the availability of IT services at the same time. Virtual application instances can be moved very quickly within the hardware pool. If a server rack is in danger of failing, automatic resource management moves the application instance assigned to the computer to other components in the hardware pool. Migration takes place so quickly that users do not notice any interruption at all when working with their applications. Similarly, Capacity on Demand can be used to temporarily allocate additional resources to heavily used applications such as an SAP system for an invoice run.

Data replication
Failover protection of the IT landscape through continuous creation of data copies

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On the basis of Capacity on Demand, CANCOM customers can additionally increase the availability of their IT landscape through data replication: Here CANCOM uses the two data centers to run the productive instance of an application in one and an exact copy in the other data center, which is continuously updated. If, in the unlikely event of a disaster, the production instance fails completely, the current data copies and pre-reserved computing capacity in the second data center are activated and the mirrored version goes into operation automatically and without any loss of performance.

Your added value at a glance
Advantages of the CANCOM Datacenter
  • Operation and support of the IT infrastructure around the clock
  • Comprehensive safety concepts
  • Nearly 100% availability of the entire infrastructure
  • Granular and fast deployment and expansion of server capacities
  • Activation of additional resources without interrupting operations
  • Faster response to changing business requirements
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

          Our certifications

          ISO/IEC 27001 certified

          TÜV Süd DIN EN 50600 – Guidelines for planning, building and operating a data center

          ISAE 3402 type II

          Software Hosted in Germany, Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. Partner