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Clinics and care facilities must ensure patient care and safety at all times. However, they are also subject to high cost pressure and suffer from an enormous staff shortage. The use of solutions individually tailored to the health care sector, such as digital patient platforms and an up-to-date IT landscape, can provide a remedy.

CANCOM supports you with its many years of health care experience and a large partner network,  regardless of whether it is a specific industry solution, the expansion of the IT network, or the right cybersecurity solution including the exploitation of funding and subsequent implementation. With as-a-service solutions, you also avoid high investment costs and can outsource parts of your IT.

We understand what drives the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is facing a bundle of challenges: Above all, the shortage of personnel is causing problems for clinics, facilities and practices. There is a shortage of trained IT specialists as well as clinical and nursing staff. Demographic change is further exacerbating the situation, because there are more and more old people and people in need of care for every fewer specialist staff.

In addition to the strained personnel situation, there is also high cost pressure in the facilities. On the one hand, facilities have to cover their costs, while on the other hand, patients have to be satisfied and the complex legal requirements resulting from the KHZG, KRITIS and Patient Data Protection Act have to be met.

How IT services relieve you in everyday life

In order to counteract staff shortages and high cost pressure, more and more facilities are considering standardizing, automating and ultimately digitizing, for example with the help of robotic process automation. In addition, parts of the IT can be outsourced to relieve staff on the one hand and avoid high investment costs on the other.

Are you struggling with similar challenges? We will be happy to advise you on suitable as a service models or managed service packages that will take the strain off your day-to-day operations. In addition, we can help you introduce a suitable IT infrastructure or digitization solutions, in a way that doesn’t involve high investment costs.

CANCOM Healthcare

Digitization in all health care areas. We support you holistically in all areas and bring your facility to a new digital level. With our experts for health care solutions, we accompany you into the digital future.

Digitization in all areas

Video consultations, online appointments, prescription dispensing or patient documentation, all increasingly finding their way into the healthcare sector. At CANCOM, we have the right solutions for you, such as digital signage, digital forms, and digital patient entertainment. We also ensure the connection of medical care centers and physicians in private practice. Together, we can meet your challenges.

Similar to ambulatory treatment, digital solutions help with the smooth handling of patient management in the inpatient area. With solutions for admission and discharge management, assistance systems or the monitoring of vulnerable patients, work processes can be designed efficiently. With smart entertainment systems, you can offer your patients a special stay and increase their satisfaction. CANCOM is happy to support you in implementing or operating all these solutions.

To ensure that medical care centers can carry out their work smoothly, it is important on the one hand to network with physicians in private practice, specialists or self-help groups. On the other hand, lean, efficient and automated processes help to offer better service and reduce waiting times. We at CANCOM support you with video systems as well as collaboration tools and equip you with suitable and automated IT solutions.

Thanks to new technologies, patient risks can be anticipated on the basis of data. Also, the failure rate of medical equipment can be reduced. Speech recognition systems help in the preparation of findings, and digital tools provide support during complicated operations. At CANCOM, we are happy to support you in equipping your hospital with the necessary high-performance WLAN and the appropriate security solutions so that patient data can be securely controlled, stored, and transmitted.

On the one hand, digitization in care makes the work of caregivers easier and, on the other, helps patients to manage their daily lives independently and self-determined. One important area is digital patient documentation, which, thanks to suitable solutions, takes a lot of work off the hands of staff when it comes to recording data. We at CANCOM will be happy to advise you on the introduction and operation of such solutions and show you how to make targeted use of funding.

Rehabilitation is facing many changes in the wake of digitization. The aim is to accompany vulnerable patients along their entire journey and to facilitate treatment. Digital forms, chatbots, and platforms such as the Covid Control Platform play a role in this. At CANCOM, we support you in introducing such solutions and automation using RPA.

At CANCOM, we help you deal with your systems such as HIS and RIS – always flawlessly possible under the high requirements of data protection and IT security. With a goal-oriented document workflow and Robot Process Automation, workflows in administration can be made more efficient. In addition, the right identity management facilitates the administration of various rights and Single Sign On by means of two-factor authentication facilitates access to various systems. We are happy to provide IT support at your request – so that your employees do not have to deal with unnecessary IT problems.

Especially for hospitals:
Your path to a Smart Hospital


Solutions for the health care sector

No matter how you want to move towards a digital healthcare facility, we have all the necessary components and will work with you to design an IT landscape that meets your requirements. We adapt the latest technology trends to use them in hospitals or care facilities.


Applications for
your facility


We support you with the introduction of new systems or with the operation of your existing systems such as HIS, RIS or PACS. So all your systems work well together and meet the high security standards. We also equip you with applications such as Microsoft Office.

Data & analytics

Health care monitoring & evaluation

Data & analytics

Together with you, we conduct analyses of the data flow and process optimization. Valuable action guidelines for your databases and archiving can be derived from this. We also offer database and archiving in our as-a-service model.


Work in clinics & nursing


Hybrid working across multiple locations is only possible with the right equipment. We provide you with conference systems, data glasses, sensory cameras and traditional hardware such as tablets and notebooks.


Infrastructure for
the health care sector


We provide you with a stable network that meets all your requirements, also conveniently bookable as a service. So you don't have to worry about anything. Our LAN, WLAN and WAN solutions meet the highest standards of IT security and data protection.

Data center

Storage capacities
for high data volumes

Data center

The need for sufficient storage capacity and backup resources at clinics is continuously increasing: Medical devices or computers in everyday use or for research purposes require this. In addition, we offer virtualization solutions.


Protection of
patient data


We equip your clinic or facility with suitable security solutions. If desired, we can also monitor your IT with our Security Operation Center (SOC). This keeps your IT secure and patient data protected.

Services for the health care sector

Are you still at the very beginning of a digital project and need advice? Or do you already have a concrete idea? As a leading digitization partner in Germany we have the answers to your questions and offer you services from A to Z for agile, flexible and modern IT in your institution.

Consulting &conception

Making your facility more

We provide you with manufacturer-independent advice from A to Z and design your path to digitization. We know what is important in the healthcare sector and are familiar with all the regulatory requirements and potential for exploiting subsidies.

Use instead of buy

Focusing on the entire
life cycle

Individually preconfigured and ready for immediate use: With our XaaS, we deliver turnkey end devices and industry solutions directly to you at reasonable monthly costs. We also take care of the replacement of obsolete devices.

Planning & implementation

By your side from the

We are happy to be at your side in the realization of your digital projects. As a leading IT company, we enable IT that is geared to the requirements of healthcare. This allows you to focus on fulfilling the healthcare mission, we take care of the IT.

Operational support

More efficiency for your

We provide relief! Simply outsource parts of your IT operations, whether individual applications or entire IT environments. We also ensure that security standards and patient data protection are maintained.

Flexible financing

scalable financial

Benefit from scalable IT that always meets current requirements and can be expanded as required. Flexible payment models and financing give you freedom despite tight budgets or lack of funding.

How to take advantage of funding for your facility!

Did you know that federal funding is always available to you for modernizing the IT of healthcare facilities in Germany? We will be happy to support you with the application, the tender and the implementation, so that you make the most of the funds to which you are entitled. Make an appointment with our health care experts now.

Our IT solutions and services for the
healthcare sector are leading on the German market

The experts at the independent technology research company ISG (Information Services Group) have named CANCOM one of the leading providers of digitalization services in the healthcare sector in Germany. The conclusion of the ISG Provider LensTM study “Healthcare Digital Services 2022”:

“With its own security operations centres and its own backbone, a very broad range of IT solutions and services, and an extensive network of partners for IT and healthcare solutions, CANCOM is a provider clearly specialised in the German healthcare market. The hybrid IT service provider is close to its customers and enjoys the trust of a large number of service providers in the healthcare system.”

Leader in transformation services for healthcare providers


Leader in digital transformation services for payers


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