IT for Church and Welfare

We guide you and your organization through digitization

Changes in society and the economy are also having a massive impact on churches and welfare institutions in Germany. In the past IT was only a means to an end. Today information technology is becoming more and more important for all institutions. Modern working has become vital for many organisations today, and CANCOM has long since adapted to the special requirements of church and welfare institutions.

With customized solutions & services, as well as specially trained employees, we support all institutions of the top church and welfare organizations!

Ihr zuverlässiger Partner auf dem Weg zur digitalen Kommune

Wir begleiten Sie und Ihre Kommune durch die digitale Transformation

Die Veränderungen in Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft haben auch massive Auswirkungen auf die Kirchen und Wohlfahrtseinrichtungen in Deutschland. War in der Vergangenheit IT nur Mittel zum Zweck, bekommt die Informationstechnologie nun immer mehr Stellenwert bei allen Einrichtungen. Modernes Arbeiten ist für viele Einrichtungen heute überlebenswichtig geworden und die CANCOM hat sich schon lange auf die besonderen Anforderungen von kirchlichen Einrichtungen und Einrichtungen der Wohlfahrt eingestellt.

Mit maßgeschneiderten Lösungen & Services, sowie speziell geschulten Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern unterstützen wir alle Einrichtungen der Spitzenverbände aus Kirche und Wohlfahrt!

Als offizieller IT-Partner der Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der Kirchen in Deutschland (WGKD), des Paritätischen Gesamtverbandes und der DRK Service GmbH versteht CANCOM die speziellen IT Anforderungen von Kirche und Wohlfahrt.

Let’s talk about your digitization project!

As the official IT partner of the „Wirtschaftsgesellschaft der Kirchen in Deutschland” (WGKD), the „Paritätischer Gesamtverband”, and DRK Service GmbH, CANCOM knows the special IT requirements of churches and charities. MAke an appointment with our experts now! We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you on the next steps.

Benefits of Non-Profit Solutions

  • Consulting by specialized experts for church & charity
  • Dedicated contacts for quick answers around all your IT topics
  • Close cooperation with the leading welfare organizations and churches
  • Consideration of data protection law specifics in churches and hospitals
  • Many years of experience with numerous successfully completed projects
  • Compliance with all legal requirements and our own high standards
  • Quality management and environmental protection – both are very important to CANCOM as our certifications such as ISO 9001 and many further measures that are lived by all employees show

CANCOM services for Church & Welfare

Thanks to our many years of experience, the implementation of a wide variety of IT projects and our comprehensive portfolio of services, our employees are always able to respond to the requirements and special structures in church and non-profit institutions:

Our experts know the specific requirements of Church & Welfare. CANCOM helps you find the most cost-effective solution that optimally supports your business processes with strategic consulting and the creation of individual concepts.

As an IT partner of the umbrella organizations, we supply you with many products at special conditions in accordance with the agreed framework contracts. You can also take advantage of CANCOM services in the areas of logistics, rollout, financing or online shop.

From small IT projects to complete long-term IT strategies – we provide comprehensive support for analysis, planning, implementation and configuration of your IT.

We offer helpdesk services for your users as well as support services for your IT department. You can also simply outsource parts of your IT operations – with our Managed Services we take over individual tasks or entire areas in your IT environment.