Business reports

All CANCOM SE and CANCOM Group business and quarterly reports can be found here.



13.08.2018 Interim Report as at June 30, 2018
14.05.2018 Quarterly statement as at March 31, 2018
30.04.2018 Non-financial report 2017
28.03.2018 Annual report 2017


30.09.2017 Quarterly statement as at September 30, 2017
30.06.2017 Interim report as at June 30, 2017
31.03.2017 Quarterly statement as at March 31, 2017


31.12.2016 Annual report 2016
30.09.2016 Quarterly statement as at September 30, 2016
30.06.2016 Interim report as at June 30, 2016
31.03.2016 Quarterly statement as at March 31, 2016



31.12.2015 Annual report 2015
30.09.2015 9-month report 2015
30.06.2015 6-month report 2015
31.03.2015 3-month report 2015



31.12.2014 Annual report 2014
30.09.2014 9-month report 2014
30.06.2014 6-month report 2014
31.03.2014 3-month report 2014



31.12.2013 Annual report 2013
30.09.2013 9-months report 2013
30.06.2013 6-months report 2013
31.03.2013 3-months report 2013



31.12.2012 Annual report 2012
30.09.2012 9-month report 2012
30.06.2012 6-month report 2012
31.03.2012 3-month report 2012



31.12.2011 Annual report 2011
30.09.2011 9-month report 2011
30.06.2011 6-month report 2011
31.03.2011 3-month report 2010



31.12.2010 Annual report 2010
30.09.2010 9-month report 2010
30.06.2010 6-month report 2009
31.03.2010 3-month report 2010



31.09.2009 Annual report 2009
30.09.2009 9-month report 2009
30.06.2009 6-month report 2009
31.03.2009 3-month report 2009



31.12.2008 Annual report 2008
30.09.2008 9-month report 2008
30.06.2008 6-month report 2008
31.03.2008 3-month report 2008

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Sebastian Bucher
Manager Investor Relations

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