ISG ranking: CANCOM holds top market positions in the sector of Managed Cloud Data Center Services & Solutions
  • CANCOM among the leading managed services and managed hosting providers in market comparison
  • Ranking underscores CANCOM's leadership as a hybrid IT provider capable of implementing the full range of cloud solutions for the midmarket
  • ISG particularly honors CANCOM's broad XaaS offering and comprehensive platform integration capabilities

CANCOM is once again one of the leading managed services and hosting providers in the sector of private and hybrid cloud data center. This is the result of the current Provider LensTM study by market research institute ISG. According to ISG analysts, the IT service provider CANCOM stands out in the midmarket segment primarily due to the continuous development of its XaaS portfolio and its range of cloud services. While other managed hosting providers are increasingly outsourcing their own assets, CANCOM also scores with its own high-security data centers in Germany.

Cloud services form the backbone of digital transformation. Without a well-conceived cloud strategy, companies are coming under increasing pressure to meet the rising demands on IT environments and thus remain competitive. At the same time, cloud landscapes are becoming ever more complex and cyber attacks ever more present. Especially medium-sized companies are therefore dependent on the advice and expertise of IT service providers who supply cloud and hybrid solutions and ensure their ongoing secure operation.

Given this facts, the renowned technology research firm ISG (Information Services Group) identified and evaluated the most relevant IT service providers in this area as part of its study Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Services & Solutions 2021. The result of the ISG study shows that CANCOM is one of the leading providers in both managed services and managed hosting of private and hybrid cloud data center solutions.

Wide range of XaaS offerings from CANCOM foster enterprise agility

The IT service provider's leading market position in managed services is particularly due to its comprehensive XaaS portfolio: “CANCOM developed an XaaS offering and SOC portfolio and added managed security services," ISG stated. Thanks to its BusinessCloud marketplace approach CANCOM is also able to easily add services from hyperscalers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google (GCP) for its customers and integrate them into the existing cloud structure. "The customer can maintain an overview of all workloads and does not have to worry about managing them," said the ISG analysts.

"Our XaaS bundles are highly standardized and can therefore be deployed and used very quickly. As a result companies remain agile and can rapidly adapt their IT to market and customer requirements. This is currently a decisive competitive advantage, especially for midmarket businesses," explained Werner Schwarz, Vice President Strategy & Innovation at CANCOM. "The need for cloud support is growing inexorably. As a consistent further development of our managed services offering, we will therefore continue to invest in XaaS offerings to meet our customers' demand for maximum flexibility, scalability and security.“

CANCOM also convinces with a coherent package of professional and advisory services – from consulting and transformation support to the commissioning of hybrid multi-cloud solutions. According to ISG, customers especially benefit from the IT service provider's knowledge of SAP and Microsoft applications as well as modern container and Kubernetes installations.

Own data centers and strong partnerships enable scalable and flexible managed hosting operations

CANCOM is also a pioneer in the market for managed hosting of private and hybrid cloud environments, both in terms of its data center offering and the scalability of its managed hosting operations. ISG describes it as a privilege that CANCOM can offer four of its own data centers in Germany, while competitors increasingly have to outsource their assets. An advantage of this is that CANCOM's own data centers are certified to ISO standards and connected to each other with their own backbone. This makes it possible to build redundancies and set up backup solutions that increase security in the event of a disaster.

But it is not only security standards that play a role in managed cloud services. Also the use of high-performance virtual server landscapes, storage solutions and networks are essential for scalable and flexible managed hosting operations. In this context CANCOM stands out with its close partnerships with major hardware and software providers such as SAP and Microsoft, as the ISG study attests. Furthermore, the study emphasizes CANCOM's customized application and database support: "The customer can choose whether operation should be on-premise (remote), via the private and public clouds, or based on hybrid and multi-clouds." Managed hosting operation is provided from a single source and facilitated from anywhere.


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Sebastian Bucher
Manager Investor Relations