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We provide the essential financial performance indicators and stock and analysis information here.

Stock information

  • WKN 541910/ISIN DE0005419105
  • Member of the Deutsche Börse AG’s Prime Standard
  • Number of shares: 35,043,638
  • Capital stock: € 35,043,638.00
  • Designated sponsor: Kepler Cheuvreux

Analyst reports

Date Institution Rating Price Target (EURO) Analyst
13.09.2018 Hauk & Aufhäuser Buy 55,00 Wunderlich
13.09.2018 Warburg Hold 40,00 Wolf
29.08.2018 Kepler Cheuvreux Hold 52,00 Jungfleisch
15.08.2018 Berenberg Bank Hold 45,00 Paganetty
14.08.2018 Bankhaus Lampe Hold 49,00 Specht
13.08.2018 Commerzbank Hold 53,00 Kruchevska

To the best of our knowledge, this list contains the significant sell-side analyses available to us that valuate CANCOM. CANCOM cannot guarantee a complete list of all analyst reports to be found in the market. The views of the analysts listed and the predictions, estimates, and forecasts they have made about CANCOM’s performance are theirs only and in no way represent the opinions, predictions, estimates, or forecasts of CANCOM or its management.Note:This list serves only to inform and is not a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell stocks.

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Sebastian Bucher
Manager Investor Relations

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