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Shares - Basic information

  • WKN 541910/ISIN DE0005419105
  • Member of Frankfurt Stock Exchange Prime Standard
  • Number of shares: 38,548,001
  • Share capital: EUR 38,548,001.00
  • Designated Sponsor: Kepler Cheuvreux
  • Paying Agent: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)

Analysts' opinions

Date Institution Rating Price Traget
27.8.2021 Warburg Buy 60.00 Euro Wolf
13.8.2021 Berenberg Buy 62.00 Euro Froberg
13.8.2021 Deutsche Bank Buy 58.00 Euro Vom Cleff
13.8.2021 DZ Bank Hold 53.00 Euro Kremser
12.8.2021 Jefferies Buy 68.00 Euro Comtesse
12.8.2021 Hauck&Aufhäuser Buy 73.00 Euro Wunderlich
12.8.2021 KeplerCheuvreux Buy 59.00 Euro Jungfleisch
26.1.2021 Stifel Hold 52.00 Euro Siering
Note: To the best of our knowledge, this list contains the significant sell-side analyses available to us that valuate CANCOM. CANCOM cannot guarantee a complete list of all analyst reports to be found in the market. The views of the analysts listed and the predictions, estimates, and forecasts they have made about CANCOM’s performance are theirs only and in no way represent the opinions, predictions, estimates, or forecasts of CANCOM or its management. This list serves only to inform and is not a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell shares.

Shareholder structure

Allianz Global Investors 19,99%
BNP Paribas Asset Management 4.66%
GoldmanSachs 3.97%
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 3.49%
BlackRock, Inc. 3.44%
Massachusetts Financial Services 3.08%

Note: Details according to the most recent voting rights disclosures.

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Voting rights notifications

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