CANCOM SE: Significant revenue growth with high earnings increase in the financial year 2015

Provisional forecast on revenues and profits for the past financial year 2015, Group EBITDA, EBITA and EBT with significantly double-digit growth

Munich, Germany, 05 February 2016 - The CANCOM Group shows continuing growth in revenues and profits, according to preliminary figures for the financial year 2015. Preliminary Group revenues of EUR 932.6 million (2014: EUR 828.9 million) for the full year 2015 reflect the Group's growth of 12.5 percent year-on-year, which was supported by the constantly positive business performance of both reporting segments (cloud solutions and IT solutions).

Preliminary Group EBITDA grew 22.3 percent from EUR 51.6 million up to EUR 63.1 million in 2015. This corresponds to an EBITDA margin of 6.8 percent compared to 6.2 percent in 2014. Preliminary Group EBITA is EUR 50.5 million. This is equivalent to an increase of 25.3 percent compared to the previous year's Group EBITA of EUR 40.3 million.

CANCOM increased earnings before tax for the Group according to provisional figures by 51.5 percent from EUR 26.4 million to EUR 40.0 million. Thus, EBT margin was 4.3 percent compared to 3.2 percent for the previous year.

Fourth quarter

For q4, CANCOM achieved preliminary Group revenues of EUR 275.2 million after EUR 254.6 million in the same period of the previous year, a plus of 8.1 percent. Preliminary Group EBITDA in q4 is EUR 22.2 million compared to EUR 16.2 million in q4/2014 and thus improved by 37.0 percent. EBITDA margin for q4/2015 is 8.1 percent compared to 6.4 percent in q4/2014. Preliminary Group EBITA for the fourth quarter of 2015 rose 45.8 percent from EUR 13.1 million in q4/2014 up to EUR 19.1 million.

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