CANCOM SE: Pironet NDH AG intends to sell its subsidiary Imperia AG

Munich, Germany, 30 December 2014 - Pironet NDH AG, a majority-owned
subsidiary of CANCOM SE, intends to sell its 100 percent subsidiary Imperia
AG in the near future. The reason for Pironet NDH AG is to focus on the
high profitable data center services business, which shows double-digit
growth currently. Due to the intended sale, the earnings of Imperia AG is
therefore shown under discontinued operations in the consolidated financial
statement of Pironet NDH AG as well as in the consolidated financial
statement of CANCOM SE and the figures for the previous year have been
adjusted accordingly.

An examination at Imperia AG resulted in an extraordinary depreciation on
goodwill and intangible assets in the amount of up to EUR 5 million. The
one-off effect is non-cash and will not affect the operating result from
continuing operations of Pironet NDH AG, as Imperia AG is classified as
"discontinued operation" according to IFRS.

For the consolidated financial statement of CANCOM SE, the classification
as discontinued operation respectively asset held for sale of Imperia AG
and the extraordinary depreciation means a decline of Group EBITDA for the
financial year 2014 in the amount of about EUR 1.0 million. However, there
will be an improvement of Group EBITA as well as Group EBIT out of dropped
depreciation of about EUR 1.5 million, which leads to an increase in
earnings per share from continuing operations of CANCOM SE of EUR 0.02.


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Sebastian Bucher
Manager Investor Relations