CANCOM SE: CANCOM SE divests group-subsidiary Imperia AG

Munich, May 20, 2015 - Pironet NDH AG, a majority-owned group company of CANCOM SE, has today signed a contract to sell its wholly owned subsidiary Imperia AG to an investment company advised by private equity firm ALLEGRA CAPITAL GmbH.

The intention for this sale was published via ad hoc announcement of Pironet NDH AG as well as CANCOM SE on December 30, 2014, respectively. The reason for the divestment decision is a strategic focus on the cloud computing business.

As a result, Imperia AG was, since then, classified as discontinued operation and therefore disclosed as such in the consolidated financial statements of CANCOM SE. The divestment results, on group-level, in a negative (non-cash) effect under discontinued operations of expected approx. 1,5 mn Euro.

The contract provides for a sale with effect by the end of June 30, 2015.

ALLEGRA CAPITAL intends to accompany Imperia on a long-term basis. Imperia shall, with sophisticated software, professional service and consulting, pursue a successful and sustainable growth path.

Imperia AG: Imperia is a software company with a focus on web content management systems (WCMS) based in Cologne, Germany. Founded in 1995 Imperia offers two product lines "pirobase" and "imperia" and has successfully positioned itself as a leading provider of content management solutions in the German speaking region.

ALLEGRA CAPITAL: Founded in 2000, ALLEGRA CAPITAL is a private equity firm based in Munich. The company is engaged in the acquisition and long-term development of companies. Its acquisition focus is on medium-sized corporate divestitures in Germany and Europe. ALLEGRA CAPITAL adopts a systematic and long-term strategic approach and is a renowned partner of corporations conducting portfolio optimization programs. ALLEGRA CAPITAL's operations have been highly successful ever since its foundation.


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Sebastian Bucher
Manager Investor Relations