Our values

The navigation compass for our actions

We rethink work models and improve the way we live together in our society with innovative, secure and sustainable digital solutions. As a Leading Digital Transformation Partner, we solve our business partners’ challenges through the smart use of technology. This is what gives meaning to what we do.

Our CANCOM culture

Our corporate culture is based on three core values: innovation, agility and sustainability. These values guide our entrepreneurial actions, the way we work, the way we collaborate with our customers and business partners, and ultimately our entire corporate culture.

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What we do

We support our customers in planning IT projects and provide them with vendor-independent consulting services. We cover everything that is necessary for successful project initiation. 


We take care of the successful realization of IT projects. We coordinate and implement the solutions and ensure that your order is also a success.  


We ensure that our customers’ IT operations are trouble-free and secure. Through our services, we provide relief for the partial or complete operation of IT infrastructures. 

How we do it

For our customers we are always looking for the latest and best products, technologies and solutions and design unique services. 


In dialog with our customers, we adapt quickly and flexibly to the individual requirements of our customers when it comes to projects. 


We act in an environmentally conscious manner and stand for sustainable business. With our expertise, we serve long-standing customer relationships and ensure lasting and reliable services & solutions. 

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