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With CANCOM Cloud Services, you can cover various areas of your enterprise IT. Choose from compute, storage, network, database, workplace, security, data or analytics services – individually or in combination. In this way, you can put together your cloud services entirely according to your specific requirements.

Integration into existing on-premises or hosted environments in a hybrid cloud model is often necessary. CANCOM’s cloud experts, who specialize in the relevant area, support you in analysis, planning, implementation and operation. They take your individual IT and business goals into account and put together a solution that is a perfect fit for you.

Cloud service modules at one glance

Choose from our wide range of cloud services. Below you will find a summary of the main service components and cloud specializations:


The aspect of security should be a common thread running through all concepts in the provision of workloads in the cloud right from the start. Fortunately, all major cloud providers already have technologies on board that provide appropriate mechanisms. The task is to link these together and, for example, to define and implement suitable alerting chains and possible countermeasures (for example, an account lockout). End-to-end hybrid cloud security that takes into account device, edge, on-premises and cloud security requirements is of crucial importance here. CANCOM security experts support you in analyzing, planning, implementing, and operating your security environment.

In order to be able to operate applications cost- and function-efficiently in the cloud, it is necessary to check existing applications for potentials before a migration. A result of this review can, for example, lead to the use of cloud-native databases or Platform as a Service (PaaS) services. Furthermore, web applications can be provided directly serverless without an underlying infrastructure (Windows Server).

Deploying applications in a Software as a Service model offers companies many benefits, such as cost savings, flexibility, scalability, accessibility and automated updates. Companies can thus adapt their IT environment more quickly and easily to the requirements of their business and concentrate on their core competencies.

CANCOM customers can easily procure cloud services from various leading public cloud providers via the CANCOM Marketplace. CANCOM cloud experts provide support in planning, implementation and operation.

In addition to PaaS and SaaS offerings, Infrastructure (as a Service) plays an important role in the provision of workloads in the cloud. As in traditional data center operations, governance, backup and security in the cloud are the basis for secure and high-performance operation. You should take everything into account right from the start.

CANCOM supports you with consulting and workshops in all phases, including landing zone design and implementation, governance planning, and automated provisioning of the cloud environment and cloud services.

Cloud-based data, analytics and business solutions enable companies to optimize their business processes and make data-driven decisions. Data can be collected, stored, processed and analyzed faster and easier. Public cloud providers offer a variety of options such as relational databases, NoSQL databases and in-memory databases, Big Data and analytics tools, business intelligence, data warehouse, data lake, machine learning and AI.

CANCOM experts support you in selecting, planning and integrating the right cloud solution for your specific business requirements – whether it is digitizing, optimizing or automating your business processes or developing digital products and services for your customers.

With SAP on Azure, CANCOM offers a solution in which SAP business applications are run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This enables companies to migrate their SAP systems to the cloud and benefit from the advantages of the public cloud.

With SAP on Azure, you can scale your IT infrastructure to better meet the needs of your business – while reducing their IT costs. It also offers the ability to improve application and data availability and recovery by providing automated backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

A cloud-based virtual workplace allows users to access their business applications and data from any device and location. It enables employees to do their work from home, on the road, or from another office.

A cloud-based virtual workplace typically consists of several components such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtual application delivery, mobile device management, secure file sharing and collaboration tools. This is then used to deliver all the office and enterprise applications required by the employee.

Organizations can also use cloud-based solutions to improve collaboration and communication and enable their employees to work from anywhere. This can include using team messaging apps, providing cloud-based file sharing tools, and integrating video conferencing systems.

Fast, reliable and secure connections to public cloud providers are essential for using services in the cloud. Depending on the desired service level, CANCOM offers various cloud connectivity options:

  • VPN via internet

  • Dedicated VPN connection between your on-premises network and cloud provider (for example, Azure Expressroute, AWS Direct Connect).

  • CANCOM Cloud Connect: High availability through end-to-end service and SLA including managed connection and direct cloud connection in the German peering point De-CIX

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