Cloud Planning & Readiness

From strategy to plan


Do you have your cloud strategy ready to hand? Then it’s now time to translate the goals envisaged there into a technically feasible plan, create the operational foundation and build competencies in the cloud environment.

On this page you will find all the important information on how to create a cloud adoption plan and how to get ready for cloud migration, modernization or innovation!

Five steps to the cloud implementation plan

With the cloud introduction, the approach is also changing in many companies: Project teams must increasingly apply agile methods because migration to the cloud requires a certain degree of flexibility. You should consider the following steps when preparing for the cloud transition:


Set cloud planning goals

Determine your baseline in terms of your cloud planning goals and prerequisites, including clarity of objectives, prioritization of workloads, resource availability and skill readiness.


Define the work packages

Translate strategic goals into work packages & action items to fill your backlog.


Assigning work packages to the right specialists

Determine what resources you need to complete the work packages and action items.


Checking the rationalization decisions

Is the path of migration, further development or innovation the right one? Clarify the requirements and specifications.


Time estimation of iterations and release plans

Estimate the time horizons for the various iterations and schedule the various releases.

You need some assistance with the creation of an implementation plan or with agile project planning? We support you on the various steps – or take over the project management for you if you wish.

These workshops are important for the cloud adoption plan

The first steps in planning a cloud project can be challenging. We support you through various planning workshops in every phase of your cloud implementation.

Cloud Enablement Workshop

We make your company fit for the cloud and give you an initial overview of what you need to consider in general planning.

  • Cloud basics

  • Operating concepts

  • Data security basics

  • Role models

  • Optional: Cloud Security Assessment Workshop

Cloud Governance Workshop

In this workshop, we analyze your cloud strategy and digital landscape together and derive measures for your cloud governance.

  • Governance concept

  • Identity & Access Management

  • Landing zone

  • Security

  • Opional: Database & Infrastructure Solution Assessment Workshop

Cloud Security Assessment Workshop

In this workshop, we analyze how you are positioned in the area of cloud security and which optimization measures could make sense for you.

  • Analysis Status Quo

  • Goal definition

  • Optimization meassures

Database & Infrastructure Solution Assessment Workshop

In this workshop, we analyze your databases and how they are embedded in your IT infrastructure – with the aim of optimizing them or introducing a new solution.

  • Dokumentation of available infrastructure

  • Possibility of first cost indication

  • Proposal for first optimization measures

Cloud readiness: Clarify four questions to be ready


Take advantage of the Cloud Readiness offer before you start your migration journey. CANCOM has developed a roadmap specifically for this purpose to help you migrate, modernize or further develop your cloud. The following questions are at the heart of this, depending on the focus:

  • Does your staff have expertise to successfully deploy and operate your cloud environment?

  • Have you identified the systems in your IT landscape that are relevant for the migration and aligned them with a future-proof target scenario?

  • Have you deployed a secure zone in your cloud environment where you can move and operate your migrated systems?

  • In addition to operational goals, have you considered financial aspects such as a cost allocation model or budget limits?

No matter what point you are at on your way to the cloud: We support you every step of the way.

What happens in the readiness phase

The readiness phase is about providing a secure, modular and scalable landing zone for your cloud applications and services. As a basis, you use a fact sheet with the results from the planning workshop. With the help of the document, you can compare your IT strategy and governance concept with the current IT situation.

This landing zone meets your governance requirements and creates an operational foundation with hub and spoke networks, firewalls, and security monitoring and alerting, and more.

Your benefits

Cloud planning & readiness
  • Planning of iterations and releases for successful project progress in scope

  • Best practice approach to fit your requirements

  • Enforce security & governance requirements from the start

  • Documented and reproducible results through the use of Infrastructure vs. Code

  • No unpleasant surprises during a migration

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