Cloud Migration

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With cloud migration, you execute your migration plan. Workloads and data are migrated and the new cloud environment is optimized for your applications. With the “lift and shift” approach, you move applications or workloads without redesigning the application or operations.

Overall, migration may be due to the following reasons:

  • Moving your data center to the cloud

  • Migration of infrastructures such as compute, storage, network

  • Opex instead of Capex: procuring Infrastructure as a Service

  • Optimize operation and prevent downtime

How migration works

After the cloud readiness assessment and cloud migration planning, the migration is on the agenda. This involves moving your workloads and applications with the right approach. First of all, the data to be migrated must be evaluated and only the relevant data transferred to the new IT infrastructure. This is followed by optimization and testing.


There are various approaches to this in a cloud migration:

Re-host: Move applications or data from an on-premises environment to the cloud without making changes to the design or architecture.

Re-factor: Adapting existing applications or data to optimize them for the cloud environment, e.g., by using cloud-specific services or APIs.

Re-architect: Redesigning the architecture of the applications or data to make them more suitable for the cloud environment, e.g., using microservices or serverless capabilities.

Re-build: New construction of applications or data from scratch for the cloud environment.

Re-place: Replacing existing applications or data with comparable cloud-based solutions. In addition to public cloud-based applications, there is also xaaS from CANCOM.

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Your benefits

  • Thanks to immediately available resources: React quickly and agilely to market changes

  • Fully exploit the potential of your IT

  • Increase agility, flexibility & performance by automatically scaling resources based on utilization levels

  • Increase productivity by having many operational issues outsourced

                Secure and efficient thanks to cloud governance, security and automation

                Cloud Governance

                You will benefit from the migration in the long term, especially if you monitor your cloud services: With Cloud Governance, you establish a system with which you can fully exploit the advantages of the cloud and minimise risks. By implementing cloud governance, you can increase the security of your data, reduce costs and ensure that it complies with legal requirements.

                Cloud Governance contains:

                • Administration of risks

                • Control of costs

                • Meeting Compliance requirements

                • Optimization of cloud performance

                Cloud Security

                In addition, the security of your cloud services after migration is essential. With Cloud Security, you establish a security system that protects your data and applications through encryption, firewalls, access controls and monitoring. Among other things, your cloud services are regularly scanned for security vulnerabilities to ensure that the cloud services are always up to date with the latest security and comply with your cloud security concept.

                Cloud Security contains:

                • Data encryption

                • Use of firewalls to block unwanted access

                • Monitoring to quickly detect security problems

                • Security Operations Centre as a cockpit for danger prevention

                Cloud Automation

                Use tools and technologies to automate the provisioning, management and optimisation of resources with Cloud Automation. This will make your processes more efficient, reduce error-proneness and increase the speed of deployments.

                Cloud Automation contains:

                • Automatically provision cloud resources

                • Automation of scaling & deployment

                • Configuration management

                • Workflow automation and monitoring

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